An Essential Backup! GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

Going for a Personal Interview and just when the moment arrives, something goes wrong with your stomach, gas! Now? Take a deep breath because all you need is a 5 minute escape. Gas is a natural phenomenon which is both essential and healthy for a good digestion but it can be a bit annoying at social places with its bad smelling odor. Other oral solutions for this problem may acquire your time. Generally, we do not always keep a backup for such issues as they come unannounced.

There is always a solution and here it is- GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer) which is a cotton based disposable pad worn with the undergarment which has comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial adsorption technology that adsorbs embarrassing gas odors.

So all you need is to wear the pad and stay at ease confidently throughout the interview without giving it a second thought!



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