Don’t complicate it! GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

Tablets to avoid farts? A fart is as normal a phenomenon as breathing. We let air in and out for a healthy, regular respiration and so is it with flatulence or intestine gas which is natural result of good digestion. If you’re worried of being ashamed of the unpleasant odor, then leave that deal with us because we are up with a solution for this too!

GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer) which is a natural adsorption technology and is comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial and adsorbs embarrassing odors. The product is a cotton based cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and is developed keeping in mind the comfort ability required at the sensitive parts of the body.

So why trouble your body by oral solutions or medicines and disturb your digestion when you can freely let it be just the way it is!


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