1. How does it adsorb the foul odor?

Our product is a cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarments. A Gas Odor Neutralizer with activated physicochemical natural adsorption technology which is comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial and adsorbs embarrassing odors.

2. Is it suitable to wear it on a daily basis?

Yes, definitely! The pad is made out of cotton layering which does not affect the skin. Also, the product has antimicrobial property that dispels bacteria and keeps the skin germfree.

3. Is the product safe for intimate use?

GON is a high quality product which has antimicrobial property that keeps the skin germfree which makes it totally safe for the intimate use. Thus, in no ways it affects the skin!

4. Who all can wear this product?

The product can be wore both by men and women and also by children aging above 10-12 years.

5. What is the lasting duration of this product?

The lasting duration of the product can not be defined because it differs in utility and condition in which the product is used. The recommended usage is up to 100 farts only if it is kept in an air tight condition and do not wash when removed.

6. Can this product be used, kept and reused after a short while?

Yes, the product is reusable only if it is not washed and kept in an air tight condition (ex- poly bag) and not exposed to the environment.

7. Will the thickness of the product affect in a way revealing the silhouette, when wore with fitted garments?

There is absolutely no silhouette issue with the product as its thickness is even less than the sanitary napkins available in the market.

8. Do we have a range of this product that differs in sizes?

We do not have a range or types of this product as of now but we will try to deliver it to you as per your customization demand (extra charges applied).

9. Can we wear the product in times of loose motions?

The product does not work like a sanitary napkin that has absorbency because it has adsorption technology that works for the odors only.

10. Why is the shape of the product kept the way it is?

The product went through a exclusive research which varied from many shapes. As per our research, the shape does not waver from its look to masculine or feminine and is appropriate as per the comfort ability and usability.