Get-set-GON! A Gas Odor Neutralizer

Got a little too hard on your little belly? The cheesy dip, mousse cakes, choco overdose might be churning around the stomach which then processes into formation of what is commonly known as gas. It is also known as flatulence which is a natural result of healthy digestion and occurs at least 14 times a day to a normal human being.

It is socially embarrassing to expel such gases in public, so now what? GON- Gas Odor Neutralizer which has a natural adsorption technology and adsorbs embarrassing odors. Our product is a cotton based disposable cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and its antimicrobial property adsorbs all the foul odors caused due to bacteria in the intestines.

Say yes to all your appetizers and stay at ease because with GON, it’ll all be gone!



  • Samuel

    Why not chennel this valuable product to major chemists in nort rift kenya .

    • admin

      we are interseted in launching our product in kenya if you are interested contact us on our email :- contact no:-+919375085985
      if it is done so we are gladfull thank you

  • Rebecca

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