Monsoon ¨C Food Craving ¨C Fart

Every person has a monsoon craving, especially in India. The moment it rains, we Indians start to desire about something hot, spicy and lip smacking snack to satisfy our taste buds. Monsoon is the perfect time to feast upon the tangy and finger licking delicious delicacies whether home-made or the one available at a street stall. But your digestion system is equally affected due to your eating habit in this season.
And this results in embarrassing SMELLY FARTS !
FART – It’s a natural bodily function that occurs when your digestive system breaks down food through your gastrointestinal tract.
And though it may seem like an embarrassing reality we’d rather not live with, each fart is a sign of a healthy digestive system.
However, no one fart is the same – and the smelliness can tell you something about your inner health.

Sometimes it may be loud and odorless, or smelly. Sometimes it’s really smelly.

‘Smelly odor is not bad, it’s just a function of what you’re eating and what your bacteria is doing inside your gastrointestinal tract.
A simple solution is GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer) and you¡¯ll be set for the day!
Do what? GON- Gas Odor Neutralizer which has a natural adsorption technology and adsorbs embarrassing odors. Our product is a cotton based disposable cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and its antimicrobial property adsorbs all the foul odors caused due to bacteria in the intestines.
Wearing these, you can stop all of that bad odour to come out and pollute the air! These are cotton pads that are treated with activated natural adsorption technology to not let any of the fart gas pass through up to 100 farts. So, a pad can be reused for 3-4 days!
So take a sigh of relief and enjoy wonderful monsoon season with your confidence!

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