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Guilt- free farts!

A Gas Odor Neutralizer with activated Physico-chemical natural adsorption technology which is comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial and adsorbs embarrassing Odors.

What is fart flatulence?

Flatulence(fart, flatus, intestinal gas, breaking wind) we all have flatulence, and it is A normal part of life. It is A natural result of good digestion.The average person expels flatulence gas 14 times every day.

GON-Lets live limitless!

It’s a cotton based disposable cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and its antimicrobial property adsorbs all the foul odors caused due to bacteria in the intestines.


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  • Don’t complicate it! GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

    Tablets to avoid farts? A fart is as normal a phenomenon as breathing. We let air in and out for a healthy, regular respiration and so is it with flatulence or intestine gas which is natural result of good digestion. If you’re worried of being ashamed of the unpleasant odor, then leave that deal with […]

  • Solve it today!

    Tired of your stomach issues and these noxious winds blowing up all day? Flatulence is a normal phenomenon which causes expelling of gases due to our unhygienic habits in daily lives. Changing these habits may result in slow improvement but what will you do if you want to solve the problem at the moment?

    Wear GON! […]

  • An Essential Backup! GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

    Going for a Personal Interview and just when the moment arrives, something goes wrong with your stomach, gas! Now? Take a deep breath because all you need is a 5 minute escape. Gas is a natural phenomenon which is both essential and healthy for a good digestion but it can be a bit annoying at […]

  • No self-pity!

    Many a times we see people dealing with gastric issues and escaping in their own zones after a while. It is a but a normal state where a person is dealing with bacteria prevailing in his/her intestines which then results in foul gases known as the blows or winds. Such people feel start lacking confidence […]

  • Fix it up!

    Passing winds too much in a day? You can surely fix that by some changes in your diet and taking good care of your health and hygiene but this has to be a regular routine in your daily life. Or do you need a simpler solution?

    GON(Gas Odor Neutralizer) is a cotton based disposable pad worn […]

  • Socially fit!

    Pre-wedding preparations, dance and drama, food and loads of fun, isn’t it? Chit chatting at nights and sleeping together but wait! Fun when you’re almost invisible resisting your gastric issues? It gets so uncomfortable sleeping amongst relatives and not being able to pass out the winds in relief, yes it is!

    So, catering to your suit, […]

  • Food for Thought!

    Ever wondered how many times does a normal person expel gases in a day? A normal man/woman expels gases up to 14 times a day and a women expels as many gases as man does! Some of them try to continuously control or restrict this course of action which leads to some severe stomach aches […]


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