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Guilt- free farts!

A Gas Odor Neutralizer with activated Physico-chemical natural adsorption technology which is comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial and adsorbs embarrassing Odors.

What is fart flatulence?

Flatulence(fart, flatus, intestinal gas, breaking wind) we all have flatulence, and it is A normal part of life. It is A natural result of good digestion.The average person expels flatulence gas 14 times every day.

GON-Lets live limitless!

It’s a cotton based disposable cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and its antimicrobial property adsorbs all the foul odors caused due to bacteria in the intestines.


We Care For Your Hygiene!

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  • Simple as you keep it!

    Digestion is an issue widely and openly discussed in India for no reason. Some of us are even obsessed with it, dealing with keeping a time table or a chart as to when what happened to our small little belly, which are actually direct causes of what our unhygienic habits. But it’s more fun to […]

  • Let it Out! GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

    Doubt your etiquettes when it comes to a formal evening and you’re having a gas issue? Yes of course but why? Because patience is not the key to everything and if it is about this, holding it back for long periods may result in some serious, uncomfortable gas pains, and so you lose your confidence!

    Do […]

  • Fire and Fart!

    Did you know fart is flammable? Well this is certainly not to provoke anyone to try at home  but a fact that farts have enough hot air to blow up fire and most of these winds are expelled during nights. Imagine yourself taking a sound sleep and in between when a nature’s call ruins it […]

  • NATURE’S CALL! – GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

    Tired of the embarrassment? Embarrassment at the parties, office meetings, at the uncountable dates you’ve visited and acted as if it’s not been you responsible for the foul farts but someone else. If you’re thinking what else could have been a solution at that very moment, for its a “nature’s call” then you’re wrong.

    Well yes, […]

  • An Essential!

    Travelling out with friends? A tender break from the busy schedules and a tender vacation which was so needed but don’t forget to pack all the essentials. Vacations are fun! No controlled diets, but with that you know what comes next, stomach issues! Oral medications are still a solution for them but what will you […]

  • Get-set-GON! A Gas Odor Neutralizer

    Got a little too hard on your little belly? The cheesy dip, mousse cakes, choco overdose might be churning around the stomach which then processes into formation of what is commonly known as gas. It is also known as flatulence which is a natural result of healthy digestion and occurs at least 14 times a […]

  • GONE!

    Farting is bad, agree or disagree? A strongly disagreeing statement because it is these gases that are actually necessary for our digestion process to be regular and complete! Yes there can be really awkward situations when they pop announced and bring social embarrassment to the person itself. But expelling these gases are as important and […]


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