It is our supreme responsibility to respect every individual’s right to information of the privacy policies of the company to assure your whole and sole assurance in our product.


The privacy policies of this company are subject to change without any prior information to the viewers. Viewers are suggested to review the policies in periodical durations to keep in check about the updates of the website. Your access to our website or purchase from the website implies your agreement to the policies.

Consumer Identification Confidentiality

The information provided by the viewer or consumer in terms of name, telephone number, email address, delivery venue address etc. are subject to company’s informatory data which is needed to process the transactions and deliveries only. Also, to note that the account information is in regard with the same purpose and this ‘personal information’ could be shared with the delivery agent only for the reference.

Non-disclosure Agreement

The company ensures the confidentiality of the personal information provided by the viewer and it is our responsibility to justify the faith that is put on us. It is in some exceptional cases when the information is required under law, to co-ordinate with regulators or when needed in the case of protection to our property and rights.

Navigation Information

The information is extracted from the access of the viewer in which the tracking details may include- referral websites that led to this website, your most prominent searches on our website which is accessible even if you do not make a purchase from our online counter. These details are entirely for our growth and improvement to serve you the best and also for our advertisements.

Personal Information Affirmation

We believe it is customer’s responsibility to inform the website regarding any changes in the information provided to us. The company holds the power to terminate any consumer’s account information if found invalid or false.

Shopping Assurance

We invite your reliance on our company and assure that the transactions and the services provided are fully safe and secure.