Socially fit! – GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer)

Excited for your cousin’s wedding? A grand get together, lots of fun and a carefree appetite which then leads to what is known as gas or flatulence issue. A genuine part in the process of digestion, but how embarrassing is that when you’re in between of a ceremony and you get a “nature’s call!”

In that case, staying aloof is not the solution when all you need is a 5 minute excuse. GON (Gas Odor Neutralizer) is a cotton based disposable pad worn with the undergarment which has comfortable, discreet, antimicrobial adsorption technology that adsorbs embarrassing gas odors.

So from now on, get ready with all your accessories on and backups ready so that even if you’re not taking care of your diet, you can still rely on something that’ll take care of everything!


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