Step Forward!

Coming out of the washroom unsatisfied and being asked, “How was it?” in front of everyone in the room, deeply embarrassing isn’t it? Well here not according to any statistics but with practical analysis, we can say that digestive issues are discussed as much as the political ones in our country. Not weird but a major point of concern that we find farting out shamelessly in open the most genuine act of all, and cover it up calling it a nature’s call, no one can deny it! This is the problem which ruins the all the sophistication and leaves others uncomfortable with us.

No one wants that! Take a step forward! GON- Gas Odor Neutralizer which has a natural adsorption technology and adsorbs embarrassing odors. Our product is a cotton based disposable cloth pad which is to be worn with the undergarment and its antimicrobial property adsorbs all the foul odors caused due to bacteria in the intestines.

So take a sigh of relief and set the surroundings positive with your confidence!

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