Activated Carbon Insole for shoes odour removal:

Funky feet and smelly shoes can lead to annoyance, embarrassment, and can prove to be a huge social hurdle that can alienate you whether you like it or not. So form a plan of attack to freshen smelly shoes so that you can save yourself. Here is the way to approach the issue of smelly feet.

FRESTEP TM   is for athletic use and everyday use with a custom molded with activated carbon based. An advanced fabric with needle punch that is stronger, lighter and highly breathable .These Shoes insoles will also contain our trademarked Eco-soft fabric that makes this insole antibacterial, and deodorizing. Effective for odour eliminating, antibacterial action, deodorization and protects inside of shoes from soil and sweat. It also helps for blood circulation, metabolism and quick drying, Hallux limitus

Frestep Features :

  • Light weight Insoles – 1 Pair ; Comfort Fit – Non woven Fabric  with Activated Carbon.
  • Will fit any kind of shoe as it is thinly-made.
  • 100% activated carbon based , No carbon powder leaking, no secondary pollution, harmless.
  • For better blood circulation, metabolism, moisture absorbing and quick drying Hallux limitus.
  • Anti-fungal, Bacteria free insoles, allow the foot to breathe from soil and sweat.
  • Deodorizing action continues even after you take shoes off.
  • Very hygienic & durable.
  • Made from Eco-friendly materials.
  • 95 % ventilation effectiveness.

Available in three size Small ,Medium,Large

Minimum order required of 3 pcs.

Delivery Charges: +Rs 46 (Free Delivery on Total order value Rs. 499 or more then 5 units or above)

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